Gospel Flat Farm is back. We are rebuilding the site at the moment. Please be patient – we’re looking forward to informing you about brain supplements, providing you with our honest opinion on each nootropic.

Who Are We?

My name is Josip, the main author at Gospel Flat Farm. In the past, I used to live on a small farm, working every day, with almost no days off. Besides that, at that time, some issues with family members were going on in the life that caused me to lose focus on the work I was supposed to do. Under those conditions, I lived a quite stressful life, trying to find a solution for peace of mind.

My friend recommended I try brain care products that he used when he had mental issues going on due to huge stress levels.

I decided to give it a shot, and my life was so much easier from then on. My attention on the work significantly increased, I felt less stressed and even felt an improvement in memory.

Since then, after numerous completed nutritionist courses and studies about the human brain, it all resulted in collaboration with different nutritionists and scientists. We decided that we wanted to help every single person looking for help that’s fighting with mental issues.

What Exactly Do We Do

We’re analyzing brain supplements on the market. In order for us to be completely certain about the effectiveness and safety of each product, we carefully analyze the formula, checking if it contains natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to work and are absolutely safe for everyday consumption.

If the supplement doesn’t pass our quality and safety criteria, we’ll let you know. Unfortunately, there are many supplements on the market that use bogus ingredients, with proprietary blends and unsatisfactory dosages. Some people can easily be tricked by the manufacturer’s “perfect” claims if they don’t do the research.

And that’s where we come in; our mission is to help you choose the right product for mental health, so you can live a stress-free life, with no brain fog, lack of focus, and other mental problems.